Trivia Quiz Answers

  1. What member of the royal family won an Olympic medal in the London 2012 games? 

    C The Queen's granddaughter, Zara Phillips, won a silver medal in equestrian team competition.

  2. Barack Obama was re-elected as the 44th President of the US.  How many presidential elections has the US held in its history?

    C The 2012 election was the 57th time the United States has elected a president.

  3. What is the Chinese Zodiac symbol for those born in the year 2012?

    A The Dragon is the Chinese Zodiac symbol for the year 2012

  4. How many medals did Olympic runner Usain Bolt win in the 2012 Olympics?

    B Usain Bolt won 3 medals in the 2012 London Olympics.

  5. What was the top grossing movie of 2012?

    B The Avengers was the top grossing movie of 2012.

  6. What country won the most Olympic medals in the London games?

    A The US won the most medals.

  7. Where did Hurricane Sandy hit in the US?

    C Hurricane Sandy hit land in New Jersey